Thursday, February 23, 2017

Only Once upon a Time

“Bring it, you woolly fleabag!” Little Red shouted at the wolf, low crouching in a half-circle. The huge wolf regarded her in the shadows of the trees, hunger glinting in his yellow eyes. He slowly straitened, looming over her. A low growl escaped his muzzle and one fang showed beneath a curled lip. He paused before her, letting her see him fully.

“I’m going to take you.” His voice was a rasp, deep and resonant.

“Where to wolf?” Red replied defiantly.

“Foolish girl, I mean to eat you”, snarled the wolf.

They stood in the clearing, the bright of the sun breaking through the trees. Red had stopped here on her journey to rest, when the wolf appeared.
She leapt across the clearing in a high arc, hitting the wolf square in the shoulder with a sudden kick, sending him tumbling backwards. Red’s hood was blown back as she jumped, revealing a long braid of shiny red hair.
The wolf scrambled up after the kick; bark, leaves, and dirt spraying behind him. He delivered a paw strike to her arm, her body spinning with the impact. He howled as he hit her, the ground shaking with rage. She countered with a combination of a lightning fast kicks and a swinging punch to his snout. The big wolf toppling over, landing with a hard thud on his back.

“You messed with the wrong woman today! I’m tired, I’m hungry, my feet hurt from walking all day and I’M NOT IN THE MOOD TO GET EATEN!” she shouted.

A silver dagger emerged from within the folds of her crimson riding hood, the wolf countering with a wide slap with is huge paw. The knife spun off into the darkness of the underbrush, out of her reach. Red spun and dropped, the force of the wolf’s strike sending her sprawling. The wolf towered over her, slowly raising one ferociously sharp paw to strike her and end it.
“You may think you’ve bested the only woman in the forest, wolf” she said. “But you forgot one thing. “

“What’s that?” the wolf growled.

“Grandma.” Red replied through smiling lips.

As soon as Red said this, Grandma landed on the great wolf’s muscular back, bellowing with rage and righteous vengeance. She dug her long fingernails into his eyes and down to tear open his cheek. She pulled a long, worn blade from her knitted shawl and drew it across the wolf’s throat then plunging into the side, a bright arterial arc jetting from his lacerated neck.

“I’ve simply no idea what I’m going to wear to market today, honey. It’s absolutely chilly out.” said Grandma, stirring her tea. Her and Red sat around the table inside the small cottage where she lived.

“I have a notion, Grandma”, replied Red.

“What’s that, darling?” Grandma asked.

Red lifted a large, shaggy brownish black pelt from the peg behind her chair and offered it up to her Grandma. “Wear wolf”, Red said with a gleam of charm.

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