Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Twins are the Best

Have you ever wished you had a twin? Someone who would always be there to talk to, be a companion, and to go on all your crazy adventures with? Of course you did, most people do. I had a twin brother growing up, and it was the best.
Twins have a special bond, but for Lee and me, having each other was all that we had ever known. The two of us were so much alike in personality, favorite foods, attitude, and of course, appearance. The only way people could te...ll the difference between us was the natural parts in our hair. My part was on my right side, and Lee's was on his left.
We were not like some twins. At school we’d get alone with other kids, but every afternoon we’d go home or to the park and talk about the day together, twin to twin. We would talk about who was being obnoxious, which girl might have a crush on me, and stuff like that. Growing up wasn't easy, so I'm glad I had Lee.
Mom and dad worked a lot, so Lee and I were mostly on our own. Our family didn't have much money, and I remember one Christmas we just got one gift for the both of us - a new leather baseball glove, ball and bat. Whenever dad came home mad and yelling, we would go right to mom and ask to go play ball in the park. She always said yes. We played with that ball until the white parts turned grey and the stitching started to give.
One day, we stayed playing in that park until almost dark. The air was getting chilly, and I was ready to go home, but I stayed a while longer for Lee. Because we both knew that dad liked to pick on him the most. As we walked home under the street lights, Lee and I kept our fingers crossed. We were wishing that dad would be passed out by now, but when we opened the door we found him awake on the couch, beer in hand, yelling at us about where we had been.
It was a pretty stern whipping. As usual, Lee got most of it. I felt terrible for him and I wished I could defend him. When it was over, we went up stairs, brushed our teeth and got ready for bed. As Lee was changing into his pajamas, I saw the red bruises starting to form on his right arm. I counted three big ones.
Then I looked down and saw the three red bruises on my left arm.
I looked up again and stared at my reflection in the mirror, speechless.
I always wanted a twin.

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