Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Punishment

It lasted six days. Six bloody, horror filled days. No one knows for sure what caused the great culling of mankind: some say it was God, others think it was aliens or perhaps a military experiment gone horribly awry. Maybe it’s just the natural order of things. Who really knows, perhaps nature every so many eons scrapes the slate clean and starts over. It doesn’t really matter now.

Nature is bleak and very cruel. It started with the weakest. Parents woke... to the nightmarish screams of children and elderly being torn apart by beloved pets and wild animals. What was loved family members the night before, were feral animals the next morning. Birds then descended from the sky to pick at the the dead and dying, while huge masses of insects seem to appear from no where. It seemed that all the kingdoms revolted and knew they had to destroy the biggest threat, man. No one was safe.

If that wasn’t enough of a cataclysm. The sun shot solar rays towards the earth, downing planes and boiling the oceans along with anyone or anything in them. It destroyed electronics with a spectrum of radiations. The planet heat rose and melted the ice caps. Then it went dark, clouds and smoke shielded the sun. The once romantic moon drew close and flung our tides across cities, while sink-holes swallowed the remaining who didn't drown. Mountains sprang up and islands sank under the assault of world wide earthquakes. You could feel the terror through the darkend sky. It killed most the life on earth. Miraculous the plants were the least effected.

Only the strongest or more likely the luckiest survived, though many wish they hadn't. The world, our world has been thrown back into the stone age and life is tortuous. In one brutal swipe, nature once again became our master, perhaps this was humanity's punishment for its arrogance in thinking we were God.

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