Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Weight Loss Made Easy

She is what some call large, chunky, chubby, big boned, or to be blunt fat. Weight loss has always been a struggle for her. It has always fluxed. The medicine she takes can cause weight gain. Couple that with her poor diet, lack of exercise; a rather hectic work schedule, she was sitting directly in the middle of the ballooning waistline. She started having anxiety about losing weight. Stress made her gain even more. She tried all the diets, and no...thing worked. It was a vicious cycle.
Her doctor says she really need to lose the weight. Being at least 100 pounds overweight at this point, placing her on the bad end of the B M I charts. Meaning her health will suffer, which makes more stress, which makes her gain more weight. She was at the end of her rope. It all came to a head while she sat at home after a marathon of TV, and looked at all the ate. She cried all night and vowed to change.
She started to change things. First she started eating a little better, began stepping exercises while she watched the news each evening, and she stopped taking the meds. She always said they were really nothing but a crutch anyway.
She was getting through it, hacking along as they say. It's tough really wanting to lose it and not being strong enough in the mind to do it. Things were becoming a lot clearer she though when she quit taking all those useless pills.
She was really looking forward to her yearly checkup the next day. She though the doctor will be really pleased to see that she has lost 43 pounds since the last time she was there.
She sat down in the waiting room think to herself, she was in a better place in her life. She certainly was a lot stronger, both physically and mentally. If she wasn't, she wouldn't have been able to cut her whole arm off!
Smiling to herself the though, “Maybe weight loss IS good for me.”

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