Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Remember to Stay in School

I know a lot of kids don’t think it’s cool to like high school, but I disagree. Good old Present High was great, and there’s no other place on earth I would have wanted to go. I had lots of great friends there, and I’m really grateful to my teachers for everything they taught me.
Let’s take Coach Keller, for starters. He’s the best football coach in the state, and everyone knows it. Yeah, he ran us ragged at practice and didn’t take excuses, bu...t we made it to the state championships three years in a row, and winning two of them. You can’t argue with success. Go Copperhead!
But I don’t want anyone to think I’m just some bumbling jock, so I also have to thanks Ms. Livingstone. She taught biology, and she’s one of the best most interesting teachers I ever had. She answer any question you have in class, no matter how dumb it is, and she’s always patient.
Mr. Oak, my drama teacher, is also terrific. He said I’m a natural actor, and he always encourages me. You know, it’s interesting to learn about the history of all the plays, but I love the improv exercises most of all, they were lots of fun, and they teach me how to think on my feet.
Last and certainly not least is Ms. Tilly. She taught me to cook. I have to say I can cook anything, and make it taste so good. How to treat meat, working with spices, knowing what herb goes best with what, how to bring the flavor out in food. She will alway have a special place in my heart.
But as everyone knows, school isn’t supposed to just be fun. It’s supposed to teach you skills that will help you succeed in real life, and that’s the biggest reason that I’m so grateful to all my teachers. Like, when I’m talking to girls, I need to seem real sincere and convincing, and I have Mr. Oak to thank for that. They really believe that my leg or arm is broken, and I need help carrying stuff! Of course, once they’re inside my van, I usually need to overpower them, and the credit has to go to good old Coach Keller for helping me develop the strength and stamina I need. And then, when I’m all done and I’m ready to cut them up and take my souvenirs, well, let’s just say that things would be a whole lot messier if it weren’t for all the anatomy I’ve learned from Ms. Livingstone. She’s the greatest. After a successful outing, there is nothing like cooking up a nice home cooked meal, with fresh ingredients. Thanks Ms. Tilly.
I love my high school. It’s where I learned everything I need to know.

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