Sunday, December 18, 2016

Quality Time

I remember back when I was little, my family would always sit together to eat. It was a time for us to talk about what we've been doing in our lives. Just like the old TV shows, a nice wholesome nuclear family. From my earliest memories, I can always remember eating my Mom's spaghetti that has been passed down since the old country. It was a family favorite and we all made sure to clean our plates.
After a few years these moments disappeared; we aged, we gr...ew apart. Everyone still lived at home but we weren't as close anymore. Then people started moving out. My older sister was married, my little brother too, My little sister was soon off to school. My mom and dad however became old and couldn't keep up with the family time we used to have. Then it occurred to me. Get everyone together for a meal, just like the old days. I'd cook, we would sit in each other's presence and it will be wonderful. We would be like we were when things were simple. We would be the ideal family once more. Nobody seemed very excited about the idea at first but I can be very persuasive.
I worked hard all week getting everything ready. I was prepared even down to the cartoon character glasses we kids use to drink from. Finally the night is here; I even cooked moms spaghetti to bring us all closer. I pulled out all the stops. We all sat around the table in our Sundays best. But nobody was eating, I sat there with my head down just begging to hear a word, any word at all. The whole room was hot, silent, and just smelt rotten. After awhile I couldn't even look up at them, I guess I couldn't stand to see the cuts my knife made across their necks.
O’well, I tried. At least I have my memories.

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