Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Monsters Everywhere

He lived in a modest house, in a safe neighborhood. He had many friends, and liked school. The boy had the ideal life, however; he sees monsters everywhere. A night doesn't go by that his father doesn't have to hunt for them in his closet or under his bed. Everything was always something sinister; a storm to him was something trying to get in, a shadow cast from the night light was really a monster waiting for him to close his eyes. As a busy singl...e dad, he tries not to let these requests bother him, but he would be lying if he said they didn't get a little frustrating. He just chalked it up as what most dads have to do raising kids. He always joked to himself, who knew that the ideal tiny suburban house could hold so many monsters?
This last week it's been the monster in the basement. Normally the son doesn't go into the basement, but his father had finished renovating it a few weeks ago and needed help moving the boxes back down there. While they were working the boy swore he kept hearing something scratching at the walls. Of course, this noise became a monster trying to claw its way through the brickwork. His father assured him that monsters weren't real and that it was probably just rats. He hoped that would settle things, but if anything it had gotten worse. The next night the boy told his father that when he walked past the basement door he could hear the monster calling his name.
The father couldn’t sleep the next night. He laid in bed thinking this is his Ex girlfriends fault. You'd think that after two weeks walled up down there she'd accept that she's not getting out and stop this. All she's accomplishing is scaring his son and forcing him to reassure his son, once again, that there's no such thing as monsters.

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