Sunday, December 11, 2016


Dear Dirty Filthy Stinking Liar,
I never thought anyone could be so despicable so treacherous, so evil, not even you. And don't try to make me think I'm crazy like you did when we were married. You tricked the Doctors and Police think I was. You're the one who's crazy. I know that now. You'd have to be, to do something like this. I haven't contacted the police. You have already convinced the police through your lies that I am the problem. Instead, I'm going to put eve...rything into this email, as a permanent record of your actions.
As per the court agreement, you were to drop off our daughter at my apartment on Friday. At first everything appeared to be fine. She seemed like the same old Tabby; her hair in braids like I used to fix it, warm smile, and that threadbare turtle she carries everywhere. But after you drove away, she seemed different somehow. Nervous, frightened, and skittish. She seemed like someone I didn't recognize. Not like my Tabby at all. That's when I understood what you'd done.
Did you really think I wouldn't know? I'm her mother, I gave birth to her, you monster.
She tried to cover for you, you trained her well. She denied that anything was wrong. But I figured a way to find out the truth. I took her to the lake, and we went for a ride in the boat, out past the reef, where we used to go fishing as a family. Remember? It's so nice and peaceful out there, perfect for talking, but we just sat quietly, watching the sun go down and the stars come out.
Then I pushed her into the water. Ha! Who's the crazy one now, Lee? Did you actually think you could fool me? You really thought I'd believe that she was my daughter, my Tabby? Sure, she looked like her, talked and cried like her, even wore her clothes, with "Tabby" written on the tags. But you forgot one thing: our daughter knows how to swim. That imposter, that phony Tabby you sent, she pretended she could swim. She even followed the boat for a few hundred feet. But eventually she went under, just like the big fat dirty stinking faker that she was. Even with her last breath, she was still calling me mama, still pretending to be my Tabby! I don’t know where you found her, or how you trained her. She was a filthy little liar. Liar, liar, liar pants on fire. Just like you, Lee.
This was supposed to be my weekend. My time. The doctors said I was ready. The judge agreed. You were the only one who still thought I was unstable. But you were wrong, weren't you? Last chance, Lee. Bring Tabby over here now. The real Tabby this time. Or I will come and get her myself, and nothing on earth will stop me.

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