Monday, December 12, 2016


People think they are safe. People think they will not be effected by them. They appeared out of nowhere, mangled, nasty creatures of our own creation, but no one knew they were creating them until it was too late. They seem to appear overnight, without announcement or warning. They will appear out of nowhere, and will consume everything, as their only intent is to grow larger, stronger, until everything, including the human race has disappeared. They will appear in the corners of your room, under the bed, and in those hard to reach places. People fight back on their own, and sometimes even hire professionals to get rid of the scourge. It attacks everywhere and everyone. Babies, children, adults and the elderly are all being bombarded. No one is safe.

Today, I woke up to the screams, and shouts of other survivors, when one of them shouts the words which I know will not be the last time I ever hear:  Dust bunnies.

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