Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to make a planet Uninhabitable

The bulky ship descended into the upper atmosphere of the planet. It now floated along with the rotation of the planet. The clouds slowly flowed as the ship kept a constant position above the center of the planet. Aboard the ship, on the bridge, the captain sat in his chair with a bank of monitors and readouts flickering along the far wall. Five other members of the crew sat in seats around the room monitoring their own stations. “Captain,... we are in position” replied Ensign Toolo.
“Acknowledged Mr Toolo, keep our position” answered Captain Vallor while he scanned the screens and readouts along the wall. “Lieutenant Benad Diagnostics please.”
Standing to attention the lieutenant says”Planet TFN-3 is the only hospitable planet in this system Captain. There is a large flora and fauna population. Various species detected. The oxygen levels are off the charts. We will need dramatic climate altering. Carbon levels are low. High concentrations of usable resources ”
“I see” replied the captain. “Suggestions lieutenant?”
“I just finished the briefings sent from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Their orders is to forgo the conventional approach, and use biological.”stated the lieutenant. “They want us to use HM72 to seed the planet, and then leave a key11 probe at strategic spots through the atmosphere for further study of how the HM72 spreads and adapts to the planet.”
“Very well, Mr Benad.” replied the captain. “Relay the instructions to the cargo, and shuttle bays for deployment.”
“Aye, Aye Captain” replied Lieutenant Benad as he sat down at his station and relayed the orders to the different parts of the ship.
Everyone was abuzz with activity when Lieutenant Benad announced, “Captain the Cryogen capsule is ready for deployment.”
Scanning his screen the Captain replied, “At your leasure lieutenant.”
“Deployment complete. ETA in 7,6,5, all systems normal, 3, 2, 1. Insertion complete. All systems are online and functioning normal.” replied Benad.
“Great job everyone” the Captain announce. “Lieutenant launch those probes. Ensign Plot our course to our next objective. Engage the engines when the probes are clear.”
“Aye, Aye Captain” replied Ensign Toolo.
The life on the small planet kept on going even though the very ecological system has been infected with a very dangerous biological weapon. The capsule began the process of releasing it’s destructive force on the helpless unknowing planet. Three hours later, the first Homo sapiens sapiens set foot on earth.

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