Monday, December 19, 2016


"Ow, Chalk! Stop!" Bill yelled, as she hopped off of his legs.
It was cute when she was a tiny and would sit on his lap, curl up in a ball and suckle on one of his fingertips. Back when he found her half dead in the basement of the apartment building. These days it was just a bit too much, she was way too big for that. Around a year ago, when she began hitting her growth spurt, Chalk's appetite became insatiable. Dry food was no longer enough. She needed, even craved... fresh, wet food which was not easy to come by in the city.
So Bill though and came up with his own solution. It started with stray animals. To Bill, if they were roaming the streets then the odds were slim that they would be missed. Chalk would have a small cat in the morning and if she was good, a rat or even small dog for dinner. It worked out perfectly. For a while, at least. She began acting hungry between meals. Bill read about how meat eating animals can be trained accordingly to eat only 2 times a day. So he tried this until one night she gashed his left hand in a hunger-induced fit. Bill decided to up her intake. Problem with this is there were only so many strays in the city.
Bill decided why not homeless people. This was a great idea for a few months, but after a few close encounters with the cops and bad people, they needed to leave and find a new food source. Bill thought, Chalk needed livestock. Livestock, and less laws. Mexico is the only logical choice.
They sold what they couldn’t carry, and left the city. They purchased a small house in a small village about a hour south of the US boarder. Here they live happily. That was a couple decades ago and they haven't had an issue since. Bill only lets Chalk out at night and she's restricted to one farm at a time. Every once in a while, some paranoid farmer will catch a glimpse or get a picture of her but usually their evidence gets dismissed as a crazy "urban legend" or a hoax. Life is good here for Bill and Chalk.

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