Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I love buffets style meals. It doesn’t matter what the food. American, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Southern, Cajun, Surf N Turf, I love it all. I love to go around and look at what is the popular dish, getting a sample and sit back and enjoy the food and show. See I’m a exterminator by trade. I’m who you call when you have ants, mice, bugs and the rest of the creepy crawlers. I have an extensive collection of chemicals. That is where my pleasure of giving random... people the relief from the fear of death. Let me explain.
Most everyone is afraid of death. We don’t know when or how. We don’t know if it will be peaceful or painful. Well I help them. I have mixed a little elixir that will cause a heart attack within 3 minutes of ingestion. Because it is a heart attack, no one questions it. People are happy and laughing one minute, the next they have crossed over. I have seen birthdays, weddings, graduations, and anniversary parties. One minute the weight of the world is on their shoulders, not knowing what tomorrow will bring, the next, the bliss of death.
Here is what I do. I look over the bar. Seeing what is best. When I decide what is the fastest mover, I drop a single drop of courage on it. My favorite food to use is bread. Since the mixture is clear, orderless, and tasteless, people don’t notice it. Just another condensation droplet. I sit back and enjoy my meal waiting for the lucky person who’s worries are over. There is usually a bit of a excitement, I finish my meal, and walk away feeling great because I did a good deed.
I enjoy my outings. Once a month, a different city, a different buffets. Tonight is my 157th good deed. I will enjoy a good meal, and help someone escape all their worries.

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