Friday, December 2, 2016

Beds Breakfast

People love to go to the country. The lazy days, the rich cozy landscape. It can be rolling farmlands, quiet hamlets, or towering forests. Urban people love to vacation in these spots any chance they get. City life is so hurried, so crowded. Some wait all year to spend a week at their favorite spots, while others sneak away for a weekend. One of the most popular ones is the Bed and Breakfasts. They are usually tucked away in a small town, people are lured by the cozy accommodations and hospitality. And so it was that one of these couples was Ralph and Alice, young, budget-conscious newlyweds from the nearby city.
They arrived at the bed and breakfast shortly after sunset. The building looked like a small mansion which were popular in the late 1900's. One Half of the bottom floor was the B and B office, while the rest was that of a antique and thrift shop. The couple checked in, and carried their bags up to the 2nd floor, they were looking forward to spending the first night of their honeymoon engaged in some traditional activity, but when they entered their room their gazes fell upon the king-sized bed. It was an large antique four-poster, with a light wooden frame at least a century old. The room was furnished in colonial. Beautiful antiques adorn the room. It looked like a room plucked out of a old movie. Beautiful, clean, and inviting. All thoughts of amorous activity fled as Ralph and Alice realized just how exhausted they were, from the drive as well as the pent-up stresses of months of wedding planning. With barely a word, they undressed and collapsed into the giant bed, sinking into the soft down mattress, and into a deep, comforting slumber.
Alice woke up with the light of the moon shining into the window. She looked over at her husband sleeping, his body nestled in the soft bed. She smiled at the sight of him, lying there so peacefully, but then something caught her eye. Something wasn’t quite right. Slowly, impossibly, she realized what it was. Ralph wasn’t merely sinking into the mattress. He was sinking through it. Most of his left leg had already vanished below the surface, and the rest of his body was following.
Alice screamed, and lunged towards her husband to shake him awake. He didn’t stir. She grabbed his shoulder and shouted his name, but still he remained sound asleep, sinking into the massive bed. Terrified, Alice tried to leap off the bed. Her legs, like her husband’s, were already being absorbed into the mattress, trapping her. She screamed again, and struggled, but she couldn’t tear herself out of the bed’s grasp. Slowly, inexorably, both Alice and Ralph sank deeper. Ralph was the lucky one, for he never woke up as he disappeared beneath the surface of the bedclothes. Alice, however, was fully conscious when her face, wide eyed and gasping for breath, finally vanished from view. Her outstretched hand was the last part of her to disappear.
When the sun rose, not a trace of Ralph or Alice remained, except for their clothes and luggage on the floor. Birds sang melodically outside, greeting the new day. The morning was peaceful. The bed had had its breakfast, and the owners had more merchandise for the shop.

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