Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Crack

A sickening pop. A searing bolt of agony jerked her body. Amy fell to the kitchen floor, sending her magazine flying with a reflexive sweep of her arm. She had never felt such pain. It shot like fire up and down her spine and sent needles of torment down each of her limbs. She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t find a breath. A deep sounding crack, and another spasm. Her eyes bulged as she twitched and writhed on the floor. Blood began to seep from her mouth, as her... teeth clinched tighter and tighter with every agonizing pain. Another crunch, and all sensation began to fade from her body. Her arms and legs grew numb and heavy. Her vision tunneled, turning to blackness. Death was close. As the last breath left her lips, she silently formed the name of her young son. Don!?
Outside the house, Donald partially sung and hummed a timeless melody as he skipped across the fractured, and fragmented sidewalk towards home.
“Stepping on a crack,”
“will break your.....”

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